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5 reasons to learn Portuguese

Despite being challenging to learn a new language, it is always rewarding when we take the first step and progress in this journey. The Portuguese language is one of the most popular around the world, and we chose five reasons why you should take this first step and jump into this new adventure.

1. It - literally - changes your mind

According to studies at Cambridge University, learning a new language can change our brains. This happens because of an increase of neurons and dendrites that bilingual people obtain with the cognitive process of learning.

2. Expand your horizon

Besides changing your brain, learning a new language can change your perspective about the world. This happens because when we learn a new language, we also learn about a new culture.

3. You can make 279 million new friends

It is not only in Brazil where people speak Portuguese. The language is spoken by more than 200 million people around the world, being the official language of countries like Portugal, Angola, Cape Town and Macau.

4. It is a beautiful language

Portuguese is part of the romance (or Latin) language group, together with French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian. Most of the phonemes of these languages are nasal, making the language sound more musical and consequently more pleasant to hear.

5. You can travel to Brazil and talk to native speakers

From getting to know the Amazon Rainforest to having coconut water at the shore of Copacabana or even enjoying a good barbecue from the south, Brazil has a rich cultural diversity. Learning Portuguese can promote a unique experience when you first arrive in Brazil

What are you waiting for? Enrol with us and leave a comment below telling us other reasons why everyone should learn Portuguese :)


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