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Did anyone say “festa junina”?

If there’s one thing that represents Brazil as much as “Carnaval” and “samba”, this thing is called “festa junina” or “São João”. When June starts, every Brazilian begins the countdown for the 24th, when one of the most famous traditional parties takes place, full of traditional country music, dance and fantastic food.

Historically, this party has influences from the Portuguese colonization and the Catholic church, being created to celebrate Saint John the Baptist Day. If you are lucky enough, you can go to different regions of Brazil in June and celebrate this party all month long because some places do different dance performances and even competitions during the whole 30 days. These presentations are called “quadrilha”, but if you feel that you’re not a professional dancer, you can try some “forró” too.

Like all Brazilian parties, food is the key to a successful celebration. The ingredients that are protagonists during this season are corn and peanuts, so you will be delighted by great dishes like pamonha, canjica, pé de moleque, paçoca, pé de moça e bolo de milho. You can also try our mulled wine, known as “quentão”, to get warmer during this season.

If I were you, I would find a Brazilian “festa junina” during this month, get my costume and practice a lot of “forró” while trying all the delicacies from this month. You won’t regret it!

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