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Is your mom a character?

Short, tall, communicative, introverted, affectionate, serious, and so many other adjectives would describe our moms, right? Every mom is unique, and in Brazil, we celebrate the lives of these women who have the role of a mother in our lives on the second Sunday of May. The holiday was made to honour the sacrifice of these women who dedicate time and energy to raising individuals. In Brazil, the day was only institutionalized in 1932.

If you haven’t watched it yet, we strongly recommend the movie “My Mom is a Character”. It is a comedy about Dona Hermínia, her children and how she educates them. However, after hearing her children say she is annoying, she decides to hide from them, and everyone gets worried, thinking she is missing. The main character is played by Paulo Gustavo, one of the most prominent Brazilian actors who unfortunately passed away in 2021 as a victim of COVID, leaving behind his husband, two kids and heartbroken fans.

On this day, take some time to thank the women around you who make sacrifices every day to help human beings to develop and grow. Those who are the first ones to get up and the last ones to go to sleep. Those who left some dreams behind, worked extra hours and did everything they could to see the happiness of those they love. So if you want to wish any Brazilian mom a happy Mother’s Day, you can say, “Feliz dia das mães!”.

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