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Our Team

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Laura Penido

Head Teacher and Founder

NESA Accreditation 1421870

Laura founded Portuguese for Gringos to fulfil her passion for propagating Brazilian language and culture. Her background in Social Sciences by UNICAMP inspires her to create dynamic and interactive learning experiences.

Laura also casually at NSW School of Language. 


Camile Liz

Portuguese Teacher

Camile has a degree in English teaching and Literatures and has been in this field since 2014. 

Someone that she admires in our culture is Alex Atala. He is the only Brazilian chef that has a restaurant with two Michelin stars.

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Tuanne Bari

Portuguese Teacher

Tuanne studied language and education (Portuguese and English) and she also has a TESOL course. She worked as an English Language teacher in Brazil and here in Australia, she taught the language to adults. She is passionate about her country. She was born in Rio de Janeiro and grew up in São Paulo.


Bruna Guimarães

Portuguese Teacher

Graduated in languages and education (English and Portuguese), she has been teaching English as a second language for over 10 years. 

Her favourite word in Portuguese is "balacobaco", which perfectly describes her favourite Brazilian singer, Rita Lee.

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