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Portuguese Classes

If you are a big fan of Brazilian culture, love hanging out with Brazilians but you are not able to understand Portuguese, “agora vai” (here we go)!

About us

Portuguese for Gringos arises from the need of connecting English speakers with their beloved ones on a deeper level by learning Brazilian Portuguese and sharing and experiencing their culture. We are passionate about creating a community and would love to welcome you with open arms.

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Laura Penido

Head Teacher and Founder

NESA Accreditation 1421870

Everyone has something to learn, to teach or to exchange. The group classes are just a demonstration of how language is dynamic, fresh and alive. Different accents, backgrounds and overviews are welcome to create a safe environment where everyone can flourish in their learning process and evolve as a group.

  • 8 week terms, once per week

  • Includes personalised workbook

  • Maximum of 8 students

  • Includes certificate**

* Except for our Hangouts course. See below for more details.

** A minimum of 60% of attendance is required.

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  • How does the course work?
    Our classes a held via zoom. We use videos, music and games to create an interactive and fun environment. There’s also optional/ recommended homework at the end. We also discuss cultural aspects of Brazil and latest news.
  • What is the difference between Beginner 1 and 2?
    Beginner 1 is our first level and no prior knowledge of the language is required. Beginner 2 is the second level and it is designed for those who have already completed the Beginner 1 or have studied Portuguese before.
  • What materials do you use?
    Each level has a personalised workbook designed by our team specially for this course. We also create games, interactive activities and bring interesting videos and music to our classes. We promise you won’t be bored.
  • Why is Portuguese for Gringos different?
    Learning Portuguese with us is fun, we keep you engaged with a collaborative and playful environment that won’t send you to sleep. Our students' learning experience and enjoyment is our main concern. We offer special experiences for our graduations and we’ve had all kinds of classes, from making Brazilian recipes to going to Brazilian restaurants or even watching Brazilian movies. We are a community, not a traditional language school.
  • Do you also teach Portuguese from Portugal?
    Portuguese from Brazil and Portugal are different languages with their own singularities, despite Brazilian and Portuguese people being able to understand each other. Our courses are focused on Brazilian language and culture, however everyone is welcome to join us!
  • Can I have a refund of the course?
    If you cancel the course with less than seven days’ notice, no refunds will be available. However, we will offer you to study in the next available course to suit your schedule.
  • What is included in the course fee?
    Course fee will include the necessary e-learning resources such as online interactive resources, workbook and other materials. You are required to pay the total amount of the course fees even if you do not complete your course.

Student Testimonials

Nicole Frazer

“Teacher very enthusiastic made the classes fun and the two hours go very quickly! Carried a lot
of content in a supportive context”

Katie Johnson

“Laura, your enthusiasm for Portuguese kept me interested in a very difficult language every
minute I was learning it. I can’t wait for the next lesson. Muito obrigada.”

Mark Miller

“This class was very helpful in understanding the grammar and pronunciation, with effective
teaching methods.”

The Culture of Brazil 

Brazil is a vast country, and the greatness of its territory reflects the richness of its culture. Every part of Brazil from north to south and east to west is an entirely distinct reality that is unified by the language. Brazilian Portuguese has been spoken by more than 200 million. Join us and start speaking Portuguese! 

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